theblackshucks (theblackshucks) wrote,

Spectacle and Contact Lens Case Preorder- CLOSED

Current Order: CLOSED

Product: #2 World Map Glasses Case
Colour: Brown
measurements: 155x60x38 mm

Product: #1 Ace Glasses Case
Colour: Pink, Black, Silver
measurements: 157x60x35 mm

Product: #3 Skinny Jeans
Colour: Denim
measurements: 161x61x39 mm

Product: #5 Graffiti
Colour: Red, Black
measurements: 156x63x42 mm

Product: #5 Graffiti Soft Case
Colour: Red, Black, Orange
measurements: 165x63x36 mm

Product: #7 Cars!
Colour: Red, blue, green, orange
measurements: 164x75x54 mm

Product: #8 Panda Case
Colour: black, white
measurements: 150x61x50 mm

Product: #10 Zebra Prints
Colour: black, white
measurements: 160x62x42 mm

Product: #10 Leopard Prints
Colour: brown, purple
measurements: 155x59x39 mm

Product: #4 Ultra Light Glasses Case
Colour: pink, black, white
measurements: 150x37x50 mm

Product: #15 Embossed Sunglasses Case
Colour: pink, black
measurements: 162x75x57 mm

Product: #11 Embossed Glasses Case
Colour: pink, black
measurements: 155x40x60 mm

Product: #16 Alphabet Sunglasses Case
Colour: yellow, black
measurements: 163x70x69 mm

Product: #14 Big Sunglasses Case
Colour: pink, black
measurements: 162x73x56 mm

Product: #12 World Map Rounded Case
Colour: -
measurements: 161x74x60 mm

Product: #7 Random Pig Compact
Colour: will be picked randomly

Product: #3 Star Compact
Colour: pink

Product: #3 Mouse Compact
Colour: pink, blue

Product: #8 Duck Compact
Colour: yellow, purple, green

Product: #6 Cat Compact
Colour: yellow, white, pink


Pre-order closes: 22 Jan 2011, 2200hrs, or when reaches cap of 10.

Price does not include local postage. (mass meetup will be arranged, central area.)
If you would like to opt for postage, please add : $1.50 for regular mail // $3.74 for registered mail
Additional $0.50 if adding on to another item(s)
Items will arrive approximately 2 weeks after pre-order closes.

Only fully paid orders with complete order form will be taken.

Kindly make payment before placing your orders.

Payment transfer to: DBS Savings Plus 100-3-010445

Order Format
Subject title: Order and Payment
Email Address:
Contact no. (in case our updates don't get to you):
product no./colour :
Alt product no. /colour (in case OOS):

Total in $:

Transaction reference and time:
For ibanking, please use your lj nick/ name
For ATM/cash transfers, please email me a snapshot of the atm receipt.

For inquiries or in case LJ commenting is problematic, please email your orders:

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